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Japanese Restaurant

Umami Square is your one-stop solution to get the best food from a city renowned Japanese Restaurant. We aim to deliver authentic Japanese food from the best Japanese Restaurant close to your place. All the restaurants that collaborate with us are original, equipped with 5-star ratings, and follow all hygienic procedures to get the best quality Japanese food only. Let your food cravings pamper you more when we deliver authentic Japanese food prepared by classic chefs at the best Japanese Restaurant near you.

From Japan.

Special vinegar for special occasions! Maruki Sushi Specialty Vinegar from Kawa...


New York ,NY

We serve the true & best authentic Japanese food to our loyal customers. Directly...

Umami Subscriptions

New York ,NY

Umami subscriptions are coming to delight your daily life with Authentic Japanese...


New York ,NY

RYUJIN Restaurant’s signature ramen combines pork tonkotsu and vegetable broths. W...

Neighborhood Ramen

Pennsylvania ,PA

Voted “Best Ramen in Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine, Neighborhood Ramen started...

The grubbies

California ,CA

The grubbies Latest Update — Thank you for being a customer since we first starte...

Ramen Kings

New York ,NY

Happiness is receiving the order on time. We at Ramen Kings ensure this emotion re...

Brooklyn Ramen

New York ,NY

At the heart of Brooklyn Ramen’s consulting services is a partnership of dedicated...

Y Noodle & Bar

Rhode Island ,RI

 Modern Japanese Ramen Noodle restaurant located in the heart of Providence, Rhode...

Menkoi Sato NYC

New York ,NY

After 10 years of ramen training in Sapporo city, 2012 Menkoi Sato Sumikawa Main...

Yakiniku West

New York ,NY

Established in 1997 by West, which was founded 55 years ago in Fukuoka Japan. Boas...

Batten Ramen

New Jersey ,NJ

Batten Ramen is one of the first ramen restaurants in the United States!

Shingen Hawaii

Hawaii ,HI

Aloha! Shingen is a traditional Japanese Soba and Sushi restaurant.



New York ,NY

5 restaurants in Downtown Manhattan established in 2010. Offering hybrid Japanese...


New York ,NY

Fusion and healthy cuisine
for everyone
Put as...

Authentic Japanese ramen in the heart of the woodside area in New York. After deca...


New York ,NY

Moshi was created to bring the full experience of yuzu to you. Made with 100% yuzu...


New York ,NY

The Early Years BentOn was founded in 2006 by TORU FURUKAWA. The first factory wa...


New York ,NY

Inspired by childhood memories of baking days past, Kitsby (Kits-by-you) was made...

In 2014, we conceived the idea of bringing healthy Japanese fast food to the world...

Shinka Ramen

New York ,NY

"""LIVE RAMEN. LOVE RAMEN."" Our philosophy to creating ramen begins, and ends,...


New York ,NY

Formerly known as Kishuya, Wakayama Prefecture is home to the Tonkotsu-Shoyu Ramen...

Orochon Ramen

California ,CA

House of the World-Famous Spicy Ramen As seen on Man vs. Food


California ,CA

Pronounced “shin sen goo-me”, the name was taken from the historical samurai clan...

Catmint Wheel Cake Inc.

New Jersey ,NJ

Not only do we select the freshest and quality ingredients to serve the best wheel...


New York ,NY

Every delicate light sweet are all individually handcrafted with quality ingredien...