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Eight distinctive cuts of official USDA and US Kobe beef become an absolute meat-eater feast, especially because the meat is traditionally marinated with the savory Momidare sauce. From prime short rib to Kobe rib eye, this meaty set is a dream.

8 kind of USDA official beef & US Kobe beef marinated in WEST original “Momidare” sauce.

Coming with 2 kinds homemade dipping sauce.

Beef Tongue, Prime Short Rib, Filet Mignon, Kobe Inside Skirt, Kobe Rib Eye, Angus Rib Eye, Angus Sirloin, and Short Rib w/ bone

Product Info

• 10oz of Prime Short Rib

• 8oz of Filet Mignon 

• 6oz of Beef Tongue

• 6oz of Sirloin 

• 6oz of Rib eye

• 6oz of US Kobe Rib eye

• 6oz of US Kobe Inside Skirt

• 4 piece of Short Rib w/ bone

Grill as you like, then please enjoy with sauce.

Freezing required

Recommend to eat right after Defrost.

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