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Kishuya’s signature ramen combines pork tonkotsu and chicken broths, with braised chashu sauce. This ramen is perfectly balanced, savory, filled with straight noodles and topped with slices of braised chashu pork.

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kishuya original authentic seasoning soy sauce and tonkotsu (pork) broth, topped with pork chashu, ni tamago, naruto, menma, scallion and nori

1.Defrost the soup in hot water

2.Boil a new set of water in the pot

3.After it’s boiled, put the noodle inside for approximately 1 minute

4.Take out the noodles and put it inside the strainer bowl

5. Open the defrosted soup bag from the hot water and pour it into your ramen bowl

6.Put the shoyu ramen base into the soup

7.Take out the noodles from the strainer and pour it into the ramen bowl along with the toppings of chashu, scallion, menma, Naruto, nori, and egg.


Kit ships frozen with ice packs

May thaw in transit

Upon arrival, remove packaging and place immediately in the fridge ( or Freezer)

May be stored in the refrigerator for vegetables and chashu for up to 2 days, and 1 week for noodle

May be frozen immediately upon arrival for up to 1 month

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