Vegetable Tofu Ramen by Champion Chef Jiro Anma

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Our creamy miso-flavored stock adds vibrancy to our gluten-free tofu noodles. Fresh baby tomatoes, sweet corn and leafy greens, crowned with three tofu one-biters become a spirited vegetarian souvenir from Hokkaido.

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Product Info

- Salad mix 40 g
- Tofu nuggets 3 pc
- Baby tomatoes 3 pc
- Sweet corn 45 g
- Soy milk 100 ml
- Tofu gluten free noodles 270 g
- Garlic oil 15 ml
- Jiro Miso 50g

1, First, prepare a small pot, pour in soup bag, add 200ml water, and boil.
2, While waiting for the soup to heat, boil a separate pot of water for the tofu noodles and tofu nuggets. After making them hot, strain them and keep them on a plate.
3, Pour the creamy soup that you made in step 1 into the coolest bowl you have.
4, The last step, time to decorate! Garlic oil, noodle, salad mix, tofu nuggets, baby tomatoes, and sweet corn.
5, Enjoy!

Kit ships with ice packs
May thaw in transit
Upon arrival, remove the packaging and place it immediately in the fridge
Vegetables may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days
Soy milk and miso are best kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 week
Tofu nuggets and noodles are best kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 month
Do not freeze vegetables or soy milk
sweet corn, tomato, and salad mix can be kept refrigerated for 3 days.

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