Original Mayonnaise Set /3

FromUp Roll Café Hawaii

Serving For 3



Up Roll café original mayonnaise 3 set

Aioli Mayo:
Housemade garlic mayonnaise.

Spicy Mayo:
Housemade mayonnaise with a Sriracha base. Mild spicy flavor.

Sesame Miso Mayo:
Housemade mayonnaise made with finely blended sesame seeds and Miso paste.

Product Info

Garlic Mayo:
Garlic paste, Parmesan cheese, Brown sugar, Dashi ( fish stock), Salt & pepper, Shoyu, Mayonaise,
Olive oil,

Spicy mayo:
Extra hot sauce, Sriracha,Dashi, (Fish stock), Salt & Pepper, Shoyu, Mayonnaise

Grind Sesame seeds and MISO:
Sesame seeds, White Miso, Dashi (Fish stock), Mirin (Sweet Sake), Shoyu, Vinegar, Mayonaise

Put refrige a day before use

Upon arrival, remove packaging and place immediately in the fridge ( or Freezer)

May be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months

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