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The Grubbies signature dishes are prepared precisely to their perfection. The Tsukiji beef stew dish is slow-cooked for 20 hours with special homemade sauce. Each set comes with Miso soup, salad with homemade dressing, and traditional Japanese pickles to complete the meal.

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Beef Stew

B1 Beef Stew

B2 Green Onion

B3 Cooked Carrot

B4 Marinated Carrot, Cucumber, and Eggplant

B5 Sauce


1) put green onion (B2) on top of beef stew (B1)
2) sauce (B5) is for the beef stew

when the items are being thawed:Beef stew 5 mins

when the items are being microwaved:Beef stew 30-45 mins

for rice (R1), it can only be microwaved 45 secs. to 1 min., then sprinkle the furikake over the rice (R2)

for soup, simply add 8 oz of hot water to dissolve the paste (M1), then add in Tofu (M2) and dried seaweed (M3)

As for the salad (s1), simply take it out and pour over the salad dressing (S2)

The Grubbies set will be shipped frozen with dry ice. 

Items may thaw during transit.

Upon arrival, remove packaging and place immediately in the refrigerator/freezer to keep its freshness

Items may be stored in the refrigerator for up to 2 days for the salad, egg, lime and green onion, while all other items can last for up to a week

Dry Condiments and miso paste do not need to be refrigerated, room temperature would do
Items may be frozen immediately upon arrival for up to 1 month, except salad, egg, green onion, lime, pickles, and condiments

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