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A dipping ramen full of robust aromas. The soup marries together the richness of pork and chicken with the briny flavors of bonito, anchovy, and mackerel. Topped with chashu pork, menma, and spinach– this Tsukemen is an umami lover’s dream.

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double portion of chewy noodles topped chashu pork, menma, and spinach umami-rich pork and fish based sauce spiked with yuzu for dippin

Dipping Soup

Add frozen packet of dipping soup and all toppings to boiling water (warm the soup for about 5-7 minutes and the toppings for about 1-2 minutes)

Carefully remove the the pouch from pot and cut across the corner and pour the dipping soup into a bowl

Place noodles in boiling water and cook for 4-5 minutes

Strain the noodles and wash lightly with cold water to prevent them from sticking

Place the noodles on a plate along with the toppings
(recommended toppings include: scallions, soft boiled egg, nori)

This product can be either refrigerated for 1 week or freeze for 3 months

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