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Salmon & Ikura Sushi Don Kit




Premium salmon meat grilled, salted and turned into flakes are delicious enough. Imagine topping it with salmon roe and tossing everything with white quinoa rice and traditional Japanese seasonings — this is a sushi bowl you didn’t know existed, and you’ll be happy it does!

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Product Info

Grilled Salted Salmon flake x 2pcs

Fresh Salmon Roe x 2 cups

Quinoa White Rice x 2packs

Sushi vinegar x2packs

Pickled ginger x 2 packs

Shiso leaf (Green Shiso: perilla leaf) x 2packs

-Re-heat in boiling water for the designated time on each pouch-
Quinoa White Rice

*For Sushi Rice: After re-heated the rice, add some sushi vinegar into the rice and mix well.

-Ready to eat-
Grilled Salted Salmon flake

Fresh Salmon Roe

Sushi vineger

Shiso leaf (Green Shiso: perilla)

Pickled ginger

*Salmon roe and grilled salmon flake are placed on top of quinoa rice, and the dish is complete. Put some chopped Shiso leaf , Pickled ginger on top as a topping.

Each meal is then quickly cooled, vacuum-sealed in pouches, and shipped chilled on ice to you
Upon arrival, place all packs in the fridge.

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