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What is Umami Square

Umami Square was born as an answer to two very distinct, yet related questions. How can someone get the very best in Japanese cuisine delivered to their home, and how do we bring together active players in the Japanese food community to help an industry that’s reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic?


Umami Square is a platform that was built to provide a bold and delicious answer to both problems. Our model encourages everyone, both customers and operators alike, to think differently about how we serve the public and in turn, how the public can help us participate in our livelihoods.


JAPANFes to Umami Square

JAPANFes New York is one of the largest Japanese food events in the United States. 


Unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, the festival has been put on hold indefinitely. We know how hard it is to keep businesses afloat during this uncertainty. To address the growing need for Japanese vendors and the food community to share their love for Japanese cuisine, and In an effort to help you and other restaurant owners and vendors, we’ve created Umami Square.


Ship "Real Japanese Meals" Nationwide

Can't find any Japanese restaurants near you? Don't worry! Now you can order all kinds of Japanese meals from Japanese restaurants across the USA. Enjoy Real Japanese Meals at your home!

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Choose from Japanese restaurants stretching from the islands of Hawaii to the urban centers of America’s east coast. You’re just one click away from ramen, yakitori, sashimi, yakiniku, or even deliciously light desserts! Arigoto!