The Increasing Interest of Americans in Japanese Food

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The Increasing Interest of Americans in Japanese Food

Japanese restaurants in America indicate no signs of slowing down due to increasing demand in the local food market. The establishment and growth of Japanese restaurants in the USA help both nations collaborate on whole new levels. Finding a Japanese cuisine that serves Bento, Ramen, or Sushi is easy in 2020. The demographics show that Americans are not only appreciating the Japanese restaurants in America, but they are also helping Japanese folks to settle down here. The USA's Japanese food industry is increasing at an annual rate of 1.4%, and the market worth has reached $22.1 billion.


Increasing Popularity of Japanese Food in America

There are countless factors involved in the popularity of Japanese food in the local food markets, and the matchless taste is one of the most prominent ones. Highly cultivated and delicious rice-based Japanese food recipes offer a taste that is rare to find anywhere else in the world. Thousands of tons of rice are exported to America to provide the Japanese restaurants there, reported by the Japanese Government.


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Why Americans Love Japanese Food?

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We are on a Mission

We find it our corporate social responsibility to thank Americans for sharing their love and support for the Japanese community. Since the day of arrival, the Japanese received huge respect and support from the Japanese community. For sustainable development goals, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to restore forests.

You can also contribute to this noble cause as we donate a portion of our profits for the planation of trees, especially in California after the 2020 wildfire. Dine with us, and let’s make this planet green, again.